SIGNUM X Frame System

frame system - SIGNUM X Aluminium frames frame system - SIGNUM X

The princip ofSIGNUM X frame system is: simplicity and cost-effectiveness. SIGNUM X Systems are shipped unassembled and is easily installed in a few steps without any special tools or knowledge. We thereby achieve low costs of transportation and labor has a positive effect on the price of the end product. SIGNUM X frame parts: Aluminum frame + print on textile. The aluminum frame has a very easy system to connect and be further equipped with lighting high power LED modules or materials for a sound barrier. Printable high-quality fabrics are printed in technology direct printing or digital printers and ecoslolvent truncated with rubber extension. Rubber extension serves to make the picture perfectly inserted in the aluminum frame due to elasticity of the same.

Big format Lightbox

lightbox system - SIGNUM X Lightbox frames With this we can make aluminum profile light-box of wide format, without increasing the cost of transportation or assembly. The lightbox comes disassembled and can fit into any mali small van or station wagon, and it is made in a very short time. Lighbox consists of 120mm deep aluminum frame, SIG LIGHT PEARL prints, and the fabric is lit POWER LED modules. Whether for a corporate event, a stage, an exhibition space in your store , SIGNUM X lightbox is an easy way to illuminate large areas. POWER LED illumination modules attached to aluminum profiles with screws and installation of all prepared. It is enough to connect the cable to the power outlet.

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